Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tips - Ten Years Later, Still Thinking Rather Than Doing

Have you had a client tell you they finally got around to implementing advice you gave them ten years ago? It sometimes happens in the tips business when it comes to creating products like booklets, videos, books, audios, classes, or other formats to share a person's expertise.

You may even be that person who is still kinda sorta thinking about the possibility of one day getting started on looking at all that you've got on your computer's hard drive (not to mention all that memory in your head!) to maybe do something with some of that - if the stars and planets are aligned just the right way and, well, you get the idea.

On a practical level, while it's true that each person has their own work styles and perspectives on valuing their knowledge and considering ways to share it, think about the missed opportunities to help others and yourself. It comes down to the idea that you are being selfish by not sharing what you know with those who can use it to improve their life.

The frequently heard concern is lack of time. In ten years?? Really?? The truth is not lack of time. You know that in your heart of hearts. The truth is about the choice you make about your time, simple as that. You can write five how-to tips in just a couple minutes, even with the editing process. A top-10 list takes you a few minutes longer. Doing a top-10 list of tips for each of 10 days gets you 100 tips. The odds are high that this barely made a dent in your day time-wise.

That list of 100 tips becomes the cornerstone for a whole product line, one product at a time. Is this looking more approachable to you? Maybe you're already distracted by the tips that have started to flood your consciousness as you're reading this article.

Now, back up. Capture ONE tip. That's right. ONE tip. You know you can do that, right? Write it down or type it into a file on your computer. That one tip is something you'd suggest to a client or a reader of your work or a member of your class or audience.

Then add ONE more tip. That is how this gets done, and gets done now rather than ten years from now. It's the same approach that many people use to successfully drop weight, one pound at a time. Otherwise it all gets to be too big a project to imagine at all much less to begin on the journey.

No matter how long it's been since you thought about doing an information product, you can start it now, today. One of the most challenging aspects of many things is merely getting started. That may even be something you teach to those people who are part of your professional community. Get started, one at a time. Not rocket science yet often difficult to apply to our own life.

In fact, by now you may be laughing to yourself about the irony of this, since you were one of the people who proudly told a consultant you hired that you finally implemented their suggestions, ten years later. They will understand, just as you do now.