Saturday, October 27, 2012

Banner Advertising - The Options

When it comes to banners there is a plethora of choices from digital banners that you see on most websites, probably this one too, to outdoor display banners.

For the purpose of this article I'm going to discuss the different options of physical advertising banners that are available on the market today.

Masts - A banner mast is generally constructed from steel and they are usually made to order, each mast can have one or two rectangle banners either side of the mast promoting your brand.

Post Mounted - The banners come with brackets and arms and are easily attachable to any existing lamp post, very similar to banner masts but obviously without the mast.

Wall Mounted - Again these are similar to the above two but are installed to walls rather than posts, the way that wall mounted banners have been designed means that they can be used for small or large banners and actually this kind of setup is suitable for banners up to 5 meters square.

Pop-up - These are brilliant for outdoor events like golf days or country shows, you simply unpack them from their carry case and the self-erecting design does the rest, this type of banner system is the only one on the market that can be erected in under 20 seconds, not bad for the impatient ones amongst us!

Portable Frames -This type of banner frame is generally made from Aluminium to reduce the weight so they can be easily transported and come in all sizes up to 9 metres wide and 1.5 metres tall, great for short term advertising on a large scale.

Permanent Frames - The permanent frames are made from sturdy steel frames and have varying types of bases from ground sleeves to base plates. They are designed to last and withstand all the outdoor elements; you tend to see this type of banner outside some of the larger supermarkets.

Cafe Barrier - These are everywhere these days, almost all cafe and bars that have an outdoor area will uses this form of advertising. The width of this banner is usually between 1 and 2 metres and several are generally used together to form a outdoor area separated from the public.

I'm sure there are many more types of banner that I've not covered in this article but these are by far the most popular, if you're still unsure of which type of frames or stand would be best for you, why not type in 'banner masts' in Google and I'm sure they'll be a list of suppliers that will be happy to help you through your decision.